Creative wooden handle portable lantern lamp telescopic folding led table lamp charging night light reading lamp



High quality
The Material and Nice Appearance as Decoration Lamp. Made of PC+ABS+WOOD+ Iron plating.
Portable Led Lantern Lamp for Table

It can fold as a flashlight and irradiate from one side only with a focused light.While it can expand fully like a lantern with 360 degree angel adjustable.
Multi-function and Smart Lantern Lamp
Can use it as desk lamp,bedside lamp,flashlight by folding or unfolding,and the wooden handle can rotate as the holder,as the handle,as the hanger.
Level 3 brightness adjustable
3 Dimmable Brightness by Sensitive Touching with warm white light color,the touching is beside the charging port,tap it softly and change the brightness.
USB charging

1200 mAh lithium battery and DC 5V USB charging port,long life led bulbs,no need to replace bulb.


Type: Folding Led Lamp;

Quantity: 1pc;

Color: White;

Material: ABS+PC+ wood + iron plating;

Battery: 1200 mAh lithium battery;

Power: USB charging; 

Brightness adjustable: Level 3 brightness adjustable;

Lamp status: 142×37×194mm/

Lantern night light status: 142×120×248mm/;

Net Weight: 300g/10.6oz

Package Includes:

1* Folding Led Lamp
1* USB Cable

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